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Bernadette Pierson
Owner and Therapist

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Bernadette Pierson, an Occupational Therapist, has been trained under John Barnes in Myofascial Release techniques since 2002. Her background as an Occupational Therapist since1990, has given her a foundation to help a significant number of people who have had medical complications resulting in myofascial pain and dysfunction including: back, neck, cervical, knee injuries, woman’s health complications, shoulder and hand injuries, from pinched nerves, tendon injuries and arthritis.

Having experienced tailbone injuries resulting in nerve pain and dysfunction she was able to get some relief from massage, acupuncture, chiropractic and reflexology, but it was not until getting myofascial release treatments that the pain was completely resolved. She has helped chronic pain sufferers who have sought out relief in those modalities as well, but the results of myofascial release have been long-lasting. The above modalities can still be complimentary to myofascial release and help with overall pain and movement dysfunction.